Neck and Shoulder Relaxer & Stretcher

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Naturally Eliminate Neck Pain

This neck stretcher & relaxer will eliminate neck pain in just 10 minutes a day, or your money back guaranteed! 

  • Naturally eliminates neck pain (no painkillers)
  • Relieves pressure on pinched nerves and decompresses discs (feel & sleep better)
  • Increases flexibility in neck and shoulder (more mobility with ease)
  • Corrects postural imbalances (stand with confidence)
  • Get the perfect neck stretch every time! 


Therapy On-The-Go.

  • Ready-to-use in seconds, the Restorative Traction Cervical Pillow effectively treats chronic neck pain, stress & tension headaches, poor sleep, shoulder tension, and more.
  • Gently and naturally stretch your neck, back and waist to decompress your spine, relax your jaw muscles, increase blood circulation, and stretch your neck muscles – all while aligning to your natural cervical curve.
  • Equipped with massage points that target tender areas in your neck and lower head, massaging to release stressors in your body.



Versatile Stretches 

  • Stretch Up: Target tender areas in the neck and lower head to release tension, relax muscles and relieve chronic neck pain.
  • Stretch Horizontally: The massage nodes relax muscles on either side of the spine, imitating a shiatsu massage to the cervical spine.
  • Stretch Curve: Use this soft neck stretcher to restore your cervical spine to its natural C-shape.


VaudX Neck Stretcher

A Caring Gift – For Yourself, Or Those You Love

  • The Chiropractic pillow neck stretcher can help people with cervical spine injuries, bone ligament injuries, or those who sit/drive for long periods of time. It’s an ideal gift for family, friends, parents, or significant others who need to experience quick relief from neck & shoulder pain and enjoy better mobility & sleep.
  • Take it to the office, on long flights, road trips ­– or just about anywhere else.


VaudX Very Effective Neck Stretcher


  • If you’re not completely satisfied with your Neck Stretcher / Sleep Restorative Traction Cervical Pillow, we’ll give you a full refund within 60 days – no questions asked.
  • We know you’ll love it, and we’re backing it up with this guarantee to ensure your experience is hassle- and risk-free.

Neck and Shoulder Relaxer & Stretcher
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