Silkrade Electric Scalp Massager

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Discover a new level of relaxation with the SilkRade Electric Scalp Massager


  • This deep kneading scalp massager offers a whole new relaxation experience. The nodes are specially designed to avoid tangles, providing maximum pleasure while relieving tension.
  • Use the handheld massager to target and relieve soreness in your head, neck, and shoulder muscles.
  • The SilkRade Electric Scalp Massager is easy to use and easy to clean, so your head massage doesn’t give you a headache! 


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Health benefits of scalp massages


  • Massages effectively reduce stress and anxiety. A relaxing scalp and head massage can reduce tension, improve peace of mind, and promote deeper sleep.
  • Apply the scalp massager to reduce muscle pain and relieve tension in problem areas. With the scalp massager, you have access to massage therapy at all times.
  • By using the handheld massager, you can increase blood circulation and speed up the recovery of damaged or strained muscles – improving overall muscle health.


    Use it at home or at work


    • Tangle-free. With 28 tangle-free massaging nodes, you can safely use the SilkRade Electric Scalp Massager without pulling or damaging your hair – no matter the length. The handheld massage nodes are also pet-safe, so your dogs and cats can relax, too.
    • Waterproof. Experience ultimate relaxation by kicking back in the tub and enjoying a relaxing scalp and head massage. The massage heads are also detachable and machine washable, so you can easily sanitize your device when sharing with family members.
    • Scratch or massage. The SilkRade Electric Scalp Massager also doubles as a back scratcher. Use it with oil or moisturizer for a superb at-home massage, or apply without moisturizer to address even the most persistent itches. 



    A useful gift for any occasion


    Suitable for anyone: Friends, family members, yourself – or your pet.






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